The Debt

Save your today for a better tomorrow- the natives of our beloved planet believed unanimously. No permanent settlement, no luxury, no stable source of food, not even a safe prediction of surviving the day, but belief is what kept them going. An instilled belief that Mother Earth would get them through the day, provide them shelter with its trees, comfort them with a pleasant breeze and water bodies that never cease, drop a few fruits when they were hungry and constantly keeping them nourished with oxygen. They believed they were indebted to their environment. Belief inspired action, they did everything in their discretion to save their humble home. Trees were worshipped, water recycled with no imbalance.

Many thousand years later, trees have gone down and buildings have come up- rather fatal substitution humanity has turned a deaf ear to. Our environment is now just a mere source of resources to support our swiftly progressing industries and scientific research. Research has leaped over many boundaries and shattered many universally accepted norms with its fast paced progress. Too fast to stop for a moment and look back- a true human trait in the modern era.

Apart from selflessly showering its love upon us, the Environment plays the role of a silent mentor to our conscious, the vague echo telling us the right thing to do. If only we look closer, if only. The tree that withers and dies with age- reminding us that we are only mortal and life is limited, the water that flows rapturously- teaching us to be determined and go past the pebbles and rocks that come our way. On a collective note, nature in general- equally endowing it’s beauty on the earth with no unreasonable discrimination thus portraying the concept of impartiality.

With a dozen swift cuts from the merciless axe we bring down tree after tree to quench our thirst for luxury. Humanity needs to reflect and realize that we are drifting towards our own downfall. We are in desperate need of change and that change starts with us. Domestic methods of rainwater harvesting, cutting down on paper wastage, planting trees, prevent taps leaking- baby steps towards saving the environment which is slowly falling apart. If voicing out and creating public awareness is too far fetched, the least one can or rather should do is to put all of the above into practice at an individual level and then push the close ones to do the same. Saving our environment isn’t a service, it’s a duty. A global duty which every global citizen is obliged to carry out.

Humanity has adapted the idea that money can buy anything. Depleting levels of a resource would only mean more money to meet their luxury. They’re so blinded by luxury that they fail to see the bigger picture. One must take time off to wonder what one will do when these resources are exhausted. There’s always another way out, always an alternative. These renewable sources may not provide the same quality of the luxury cureently but further research would. Why do our household appliances not run on solar or wind energy? Why does one purchase a car running on precious petroleum that  has already reached alarming levels of depletion when cars using alternative sources are already up and running in the market? Speed over all else I suppose.

From worshipping the greenery and the very air we breathe in, to depleting that same greenery and polluting that same air, how did it come to this? Is our environment broken beyond repair? Is the damage too brutal to fix? It will take a lot of sweat, but certainly fixable. We can make this reversible, but only if we want to. There’s no denying that we are deeply indebted to our silent lender. This calm lender is going to occasionally rise to rebellion and show us he means business- dry us with draughts or drown us in floods, stand and deliver shelter or fall and spark chaos, pleasant rain that cleanses our souls or defiant thunder setting our trees on fire.

We need to pay it all back, pay back everything we owe. Not just for us but also for those who are yet to come. We need to clear our debt.

The Plastic Man Of India

Today We will discuss one of our day to day requirement i.e. Plastic. According to wiki plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be moulded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form. The chemical Formula of plastic is very complicated.

We all know that plastic is not bio-degradable. Once it becomes waste it is difficult to reuse it. If we try to melt and reuse, in that case it releases toxic fumes which pollute the atmosphere. Water is not dissolved by water, so there should be solution to the plastic which will not be related to plastic.

To Solve this Problem, Prof Rajagopalan Vasudevan, Professor of Chemistry at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai tried various ways and setup some trial Experiments. Mr Vasudevan had experimented with waste plastic with bitumen. It became successful.


The plastic waste material is first shredded to a particular size using a shredding machine. The aggregate mix is heated at 165°c and transferred to the mixing chamber, and the bitumen is heated to 160°c to result in good binding. It is important to monitor the temperature during heating.

The shredded plastic waste is then added to the aggregate.  It gets coated uniformly over the aggregate within 30 to 60 seconds, giving an oily look. The plastic waste coated aggregate is mixed with hot bitumen and the resulting mix is used for road construction. The road laying temperature is between 110°c to 120°c. The roller used has a capacity of 8 tons.

Plastic waste helps increase the strength of the road, reducing road fatigue. These roads have better resistance towards rain water and cold weather. Since a large amount of plastic waste is required for a small stretch of road, the amount of waste plastic strewn around will definitely reduce.

If you want to meet Mr. Rajagopalan, you can visit us on 2nd may 2017 in New Horizon Engineering College.

Explore Environment in your Concrete Forest….!!!!!!!!!!

The soil is eroding, Rain is depleting, Earth’s temperature is increasing and Air is polluting but what the Human is doing???

Is he the reason for all eradication? Is he the one who is responsible for saving the Environment for us and for the future?

I will go with second fact that we the Humans are responsible for saving and rendering the best to our future. After learning the lessons from the past we must indulge ourselves in protecting our MOTHER EARTH without being conversant.

Everyone says that the act of coming forward to take necessary steps in bringing awareness and educating people is substantial but it should not have a long run.

An event called “ALTERNATIVE17” involves many agendas including Seminars, Art, Music and Exhibitions related to the Environment in one or the other form. The whole theme of the event is ‘Making Greener Together’ as like the theme of World Environment Day 2017 with ‘Connecting people to nature’.

Along with the theoretical knowledge spreading among people, UV Green is trying to provide the practical exposure to every Ecological product which will be benefited to all communities, NGOs and also corporates.

Providing the touch and feel of the products will make every attendee understand the product in a greater way.

The exhibit will contain Environment-friendly Products and Technology ranging from Electric Vehicles, New-Gen PV Panels, Flexi-Biogas plants, Fuel cells, Bio vacuum toilet, Water Purifiers, Organic waste converters and much much more.

At a tradeshow, our customers can see, touch, hear, smell and taste what you have to offer. They can speak with someone directly about their experience, ask questions, and give you real-time feedback. And, best of all, exhibitions bring most active prospects and customers.

Exhibitions are an ideal place to start a great business relationship and our digital world gives us the tools to sustain and nurture that relationship over time. If engagement is what you’re looking for in your marketing strategy, exhibitions should be a cornerstone of your marketing mix.

Keeping the things in mind, an Energy based consulting and project management firm M/s UV Green Energy Services has taken a step in communicating the importance and necessity to build rather protecting the nature.

With all these factors, please come and join us on 02-06-2017 at New Horizon College of Engineering to celebrate the festival of Environment “ALTERNATIVE17’, Greener Together…….



-Marcus Tullius Cicero


Wind An Alternative

Alternative Can Be Wind….


The Energy need of the world is growing. As discussed in the previous blog, our current energy requirement is 155505 tera-watt hour. So, 80% of it comes from fossil fuels either in the form of coal or petroleum or natural gas. These Power generator installation costs a huge amount of capital. The operation cost, Power Purchase Agreements etc. play a major role in the operation of a plant. These Power plants need a huge inventory of fuel, Water, equipment, manpower etc. So, it is difficult for a common man to set up his or her own power generation unit. As a result, they have to depend on the distribution utilities. Non-renewable energy is an alternative for these problems. Today we will understand how wind energy can be a powerful Alternative for the current Energy crisis.

Why Wind Is A Clean Source?

The Wind energy is a clean fuel source.  Let us understand how it is a Clean Fuel Source.

  1. Wind energy doesn’t pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas or petroleum.
  2. Wind turbines don’t produce atmospheric emissions that increase health problems like asthma or create acid rain or greenhouse gases. Wind has the potential to reduce cumulative greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 14% of the current emission rates.
  3. Wind Power Does not use water like other fuel based Power plants or power generators. It uses zero water for power generation.
  4. The nation’s wind supply is abundant. It is not exhaustible.
  5. Wind Power is cost-effective.
  6. Wind farms can be built on farms or ranches. It greatly benefits in the rural areas, where most of the best wind sites are found in India. In 2015, annual land lease payments in the United States were estimated to total $222 million. This additional income provides the agricultural community an avenue to diversify revenue and reduce reliance on uncertain commodity prices.
  7. Job Creation: In 2016, the wind energy sector invested more than $8.8 billion of private capital in the U.S. economy to build projects and employed more than 101,000 workers (approximately 30% women, 11% veterans, and 25% minorities), according to the 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report.

Rethinking Alternatives!!!

“Why Alternative?” is a big question in the present-day world. The usage of the term “Alternative” has various meanings. Today we are going to understand Alternative from Energy Perspective. The present Energy Consumption of Earth is 155,505 terawatt hour. It means we are consuming 36 trillion kg of Glucose every year. It is a huge number. Approximately 30% of this energy comes from burning of coal.

According to science 1 kg of coal when burns leaves 2.86kgs of carbon dioxide. So, isn’t it important to know how much carbon dioxide we are releasing to the atmosphere? Let’s Understand that.

Modern sub critical power stations have a thermal efficiency of 39%.

Efficiency=860 Kcal/Heat Rate.

If all the chemical energy in coal gets converted into electricity, then it takes 860 Kcal of heat to generate 1 unit of electricity. Unfortunately, due to various losses, the heat required per unit of electricity is quite high. For 39%, the value would come around 2200 Kcal/Kw-hr. As a result, we end up with 2200 Kcal of heat to generate a unit of electricity. We can get 3000 kcal by burning 1 kg of coal.

Let’s assume that we have power plant which produces 600 MW power. Every hour it produces 600000 Kw-hr of energy. So, 132*107 Kcal of Heat is required to generate 600 MW of electricity.   Hence, 132*107(kcal)/3000(Kcal/Kg) = 440000 Kgs of coal to generate 600 MW. We will need 440 tons/hr to generate 600 MW of electricity. So Every year we are releasing 326 thousand tons of Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It is high time that we move to renewable energy Sources for a better future.

We are suffocating ourselves in this planet. Isn’t it time to we should focus on Working on Alternatives for a better future. Don’t you think we should gift our children a Clean atmosphere to live-in. Join hands now with Us. Help Us Reach More People and learn New things. For more details click here.



In context to World Environment Day Celebrations, UV Green Energy Team, along with  Corporate Partners has taken a step in order to save our “MOTHER EARTH”.

“ALTERNATIVE 2017” is an initiative to create a positive Impact by bringing awareness through:

  • Green Seminars from Eminent Speakers of India on the Occasion of World Environment day(WED) in “Namma Bengaluru”.
  • Connecting together the Corporate CSR Team, Sustainability Team, NGOs, Social Organizations, Educational Institutions and Communities around Bengaluru to take up oath in protecting our Nature.
  • Exhibiting innovative Green Niche Products which are beneficiary to the future generation in utilizing the Green & waste resources in an efficient way for Greener Tomorrow.